Neuropathy occurs when damaged nerve fibers send inaccurate signals to the brain, resulting in numbness and pain. To understand the extent of your neuropathy and develop a comprehensive treatment plan, Carleo Capili, MD, and Regina Capili, MD, offer SudoScan neuropathy testing at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center in Grapevine, Texas. Call the office or schedule a visit using the online tool to benefit from testing and treatment for neuropathy.

Neuropathy Testing Q & A

What is neuropathic pain?

Neuropathic pain occurs when your nerve fibers are injured and usually develops after tissue injury. Common causes of neuropathy are:

  • Diabetes
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Post-laminectomy syndrome

If you have neuropathic pain, you may experience burning in your extremities, exaggerated pain responses, and heightened response to stimuli. Neuropathy can affect your quality of life by making daily tasks difficult and painful.

At Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center, the doctors offer the state-of-the-art SudoScan device for neuropathy testing.

Why should I have SudoScan neuropathy testing?

Neuropathy is a serious health problem. The SudoScan measures the extent of your neuropathy and tracks its progression so the team at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center can come up with a treatment plan that relieves your symptoms.

Testing with SudoScan is noninvasive and painless. It doesn’t pose the risk of infection that nerve fiber biopsy, another way to measure neuropathy, does. The test is quick, too.

How does SudoScan neuropathy testing work?

During the test, you stand still on a sensor plate and place your hands on another sensor for two minutes. A tiny pulse of current is emitted to your hands and feet. The current is so small that you don’t feel it, but it can stimulate your sweat glands to release chloride ions.

The doctors then determine the degree of your neuropathy based on the level of chloride ions your body produces. You get a preliminary result immediately after the test, with the final interpretation available within a week.

How is neuropathy treated?

Neuropathy doesn’t have a simple cure. The doctors at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center provide a variety of options including medications, lifestyle changes, and physical therapy. The exact treatment plan depends on the cause and extent of your neuropathy.

As your treatment progresses, the doctor repeats the SudoScan after three months to check on the effectiveness of your therapies. Based on the scan results, the doctor can tweak your treatment, if necessary. The SudoScan evaluation is repeated annually to monitor your neuropathy.

To learn more about neuropathy screening with SudoScan as well as neuropathy treatment options, call the office of Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center or book an appointment using the tool on this website.