If you have a minor issue, such as problematic veins or skin lesions, minor surgery often provides an effective, quick solution. At Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center, Regina Capili, MD, and Carleo Capili, MD, offer surgical services to resolve minor health issues, helping their patients in Grapevine, Texas, to get on with their lives with the least amount of disruption. To explore your options in minor surgery, call the office or use the online scheduling to set up a consultation.

Minor Surgery Q & A

What minor surgeries are offered?

The team at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center offers a full slate of minor surgeries, including:

  • Laser skin treatments
  • Vein treatments
  • Hemorrhoid excisions
  • Circumcisions
  • Wound debridement
  • Wart removal

While this list is far from complete, it’s designed to give you an idea of the various kinds of surgical procedures that the doctors at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center can perform, often right in their office.

How do I know whether my problem can be treated with minor surgery?

Since it’s almost impossible to list the different types of surgeries the doctors at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center perform, you should make an appointment to have your medical issue properly diagnosed. Once your doctor understands the nature of your problem, they supply you with your treatment options, which may or may not include surgery. If the problem is beyond their scope, rest assured, they point you in the right direction so you get the help you need.

For example, if varicose or spider veins are becoming problematic for you, the doctors are equipped with advanced laser technology to help remedy the problem. Using this same technology, they can address a host of other skin concerns, from lesions to skin tags.

If you come in with a gastrointestinal complaint or a complex fracture, to name just two examples, these problems require a more involved surgical intervention. Your doctor has a comprehensive referral network and will help you find the right specialist for your particular situation.

What is recovery like after minor surgery?

While you should take some comfort in the word “minor,” it’s still surgery and your body needs time to recover. The team gives you complete aftercare instructions, including how to keep your incision clean and infection-free, as well as any instructions for limiting your activities.

With most minor surgeries, your body should heal quickly, often within a week, but each case is different. Rest assured, the team is with you every step of the way, and they’ll help you navigate your recovery with ease.

To learn more about the minor surgery services at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center, call the center or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.