When it comes to protecting your health, there’s no better tool than your annual physical. This yearly visit with either Carleo Capili, MD, or Regina Capili, MD, at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center provides an incredibly valuable year-over-year glimpse into your health, allowing the doctors to take early and preventive action when needed. If you’re in the Grapevine, Texas, area, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule your annual physical.

Annual Physical Q & A

What types of physicals are offered?

The doctors at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center offer annual physicals of various kinds, including:

  • Routine physicals
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) examinations
  • Annual women’s wellness exams
  • School physicals
  • Employment physicals
  • Sports physicals

As schools and employers are becoming increasingly concerned about your health and safety, many now require physicals. Whatever the requirements, the team at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center ensures that your physical covers the necessary bases.

Why do I need an annual physical?

Outside of an employment or school requirement, an annual physical is still a smart move, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your health. During your annual physical, your doctor performs a number of tests, the results of which they can compare year after year to identify any trends that may bear a closer look.

The benefits of screening for risk factors and taking preventive measures is hard to quantify, since the goal is to avoid health problems. But the peace of mind of having your health looked after on a regular basis by one of the professionals at Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center is invaluable. And insurance companies understand this, which is why so many cover the full cost of these annual visits.

What happens during an annual physical?

While annual physicals are tailored to each patient, in general, your doctor will:

  • Record your vital statistics (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Measure your weight and height
  • Review your medical history and any current complaints
  • Check your eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Check your lung and heart function
  • Check your abdomen
  • Test your reflexes
  • Take a urine and blood sample

Beyond these specifics, your doctor generally checks your overall appearance with a trained eye, as well as performs a check of your cognitive function and motor skills.

But beyond these routine tests, your annual physical provides the perfect opportunity for you to discuss any health concerns you may have. This one-on-one time can help you navigate going forward, taking simple precautions to maintain your health, such as dietary changes or a few tweaks in your lifestyle.

The bottom line is that your annual physical is a great way to take charge of your health knowing that you’ve got a great healthcare team in your corner.

To schedule your annual physical, call Grapevine Medical & Surgical Center or schedule an appointment using the easy online booking tool.

DOT Exams and Physicals

For certain driving jobs like commercial truck driving, a DOT physical is necessary to ensure that you’re physically fit enough to operate the vehicle. Many people put off taking their DOT physical thinking that it will take too much time or that paperwork will be a hassle to complete. We provide quick physicals with a DOT Certified Medical Examiner so that you can get in and get back to your day. We also understand how important it is for a driver to maintain their commercial driver’s license, so you can trust us to be professional and knowledgeable about your needs as a commercial driver.

What To Bring To Your DOT Physical

When you arrive at your appointment, we will need the following from you:

  • A current driver’s license issued from the state
  • Any glasses, hearing aids, or contacts that you wear
  • A list of all medications that you currently take
  • Any special notices from your doctor (considerations, exemptions, etc.)
  • A urine sample. Be sure to come well-hydrated, as you will need to take the urine test in-office.

If you are in need of a DOT physical to obtain a CDL or need to maintain your current CDL, contact us (817) 522-4447 for more information or to request an appointment today.